Angels on Duty In-Home Care Services

To All Potential Angels:

Sharon Vermilye I appreciate your interest in joining our team. Angels on Duty brings professional care and personal assistance to a patient in a home or facility setting. Just as important to the person in need is the peace of mind we bring to the family of the patient.

We are proud of the excellence in care and professionalism we bring to each household. It would be wonderful to add your personal commitment to our team. Before you complete the application, please read about our philosophy and motto.

Despite the fast pace of today’s world, I believe that care giving is not a lost art. With the right supervision and set of expectations, care giving is a truly rewarding and meaningful profession. My goal is to hire caregivers that will honor our motto as proclaimed by my grandmother:

"It's nice to be important but it's more important to be nice!"

If you can support this philosophy and want to pursue a job opportunity at Angels on Duty, Inc., I invite you to complete an application as soon as possible.




Sharon Vermilye, RN


Nurse aides and CNA's for both day and night shifts. Hospice experience preferred.


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